Let the defunding begin… We told you so.

Board of Supervisors Cut Department Funding, freeze hiring.  Villanueva blamed for not managing overtime.

We predicted this would happen. And despite the expected collateral damage to public safety and to department employees, the effort by the Board to eliminate Sheriff Villanueva has begun.

In our previous post, we foretold how the Board of Supervisors would move to eliminate Sheriff Villanueva and so far we are spot on. Although earlier than expected, the Board has acted by imposing a hiring freeze on Villanueva. At a time when Villanueva admits his department is hemorrhaging and crime is on the rise, the Board has acted to further suffocate Villanueva.

In an article from the Press Telegram, Supervisor Kuehl justified the cuts to Villanueva’s budget affirming that other county agencies have worked hard to “live within their budgets,” but the Sheriff’s Department has remained under continued scrutiny years after repeatedly overspending millions of dollars on overtime pay. And in order to fund the sheriff’s department, money would have to be redirected from other areas.

We predicted the Board would make defunding the department appear as unavoidable and not tied to an act of retaliation. We predicted there would be cuts in overtime and hiring freezes. And we predicted Villanueva would blame everyone but himself for the predicament his incompetence and elite arrogance has created.

So it begins. As Sheriff Villanueva continues to push his train forward at higher and higher speeds, the hand that feeds him knows there’s a sharp curve on the rails ahead. The train should arrive right around November 2022.