Sheriff Villanueva is adamant; no deputies should be fired for refusing to vaccinate. But he will fire you for refusing to tell him if you are vaccinated. Hear it for yourself.

Sheriff Villanueva’s softball interviews on FOX News are music to conservative ears, but back home he faces tough questions from his rank in file who are starting to wonder. Will Villanueva keep his conservative values if reelected or will he turn over our vaccination status to the Board of Supervisors?

In our previous story, we announced the January 26th candidate forum hosted by ALADS and reported on the snake oil Villanueva sold to ALADS that earned him a million-dollar endorsement. At that forum, a variety of subjects were discussed and candidates were allowed to ask the sheriff pointed questions. It is no surprise that the subject of vaccinations arose since Sheriff Villanueva is vocally opposed to mandatory vaccinations. But wait, is he solid on that or is it just double talk?

While Villanueva reels against the Board’s threat to fire 4000 employees because they are unvaccinated, he is hardly without blame since he requires deputies to register their vaccination status. It’s sort of like forcing you to put yourself on Santa’s naughty list. Villanueva will turn it over to the Board and then blame them for firing you. And if you don’t register yourself, Villanueva will fire you for refusing to obey that order. What’s this all about? Hear it for yourself.

Question to Villanueva posed by Candidate for Sheriff Matt Rodriguez, (ALADS Jan 26 candidates forum)

I’ve got your back.. Well, sort of.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Villanueva called the threatened firing of unvaccinated deputies “immoral” as if to communicate that a person is a sovereign being and the government shall not infringe on their right to choose. But while Villanueva is headlining the fight against mandatory vaccinations, he still supports the discharge of employees who object on principle against registering their vaccination status. Oh the hypocrisy. Forcing one to reveal personal information is seen as a liberal ideology the sheriff might even call “woke” had it not been his idea.

For clarity, Villanueva’s message is an obvious warning to his employees. I won’t violate your right to make private decisions about your own health, but you still have to give me private information about your vaccination status. And if you aren’t vaccinated, my list of unvaccinated will be available to the Board of Supervisors and they’ll fire you. But hey, that’s not my fault. So roll those dice and so much for your sovereign rights.

Where does this go? As time goes on, will employees be forced to register their booster shots too?

“I have to follow my conscience”

Villanueva said he has to “follow his conscience”. As we have told you all along, the incumbent is an admitted lifelong liberal who said cash bail is racist (just like D.A. Gascon). He tried to shut down gun stores during the pandemic and said calling 911 is all the public needs to do if threatened, but now he is fast-tracking concealed carry permits.

He still refuses to release known felons to ICE and would rather release them back into the community but you never hear him talk about that on FOX News, do you? And with historic levels of violent crime and citizens afraid for their safety, he said “buying guns is a bad idea”. Sure, it’s a bad idea to a Democrat voter, but issuing concealed carry permits is a good idea, umm, if you are a Republican voter. Did we mention this is an election year?

But wait. There’s more.

Before his shift to the right, he voluntarily referred a deputy-involved shooting case to the FBI without knowing all the facts. Would the new and improved conservative Alex do that? Villanueva also ran on the premise that “deputy gangs” existed in the department but today refuses to testify on the subject and recently sent a demand letter to the Board, ordering them to stop using the term “deputy gangs”. Who is Alex Villanueva anyway?

Conservatives (and police unions) might wanna pay attention and shut their wallets. Democrats were already betrayed by him. Don’t waste your vote or your contribution.

Well, this is a little embarrassing

Today, it’s the turn of Republican voters to be fooled (or not) by Villanueva. But listen up you right-wingers. The sheriff’s compass is broken. Villanueva’s only tactic for survival is to fool you this time into a nearsighted image of him that will result in cash donations. To date, he has raised over a million dollars for his campaign, but something is missing from his website. Where is your list of endorsements Alex?

There are no endorsements listed on his campaign site and ya know why? Because he’s embarrassed by his conservative support. It must be like kryptonite to Superman.

A true conservative boasts his support, he doesn’t hide that light under a bushel. A conservative doesn’t split the baby and stand up for your right to be unvaccinated but in the back office, threatens to fire anyone who doesn’t register their vaccination status. A true conservative doesn’t support your Second Amendment Right and orders the closing of gun stores during a crime wave. A true conservative doesn’t blame high crime on the Board of Supervisors and “woke” politics and then refuses to turn over wanted felons to ICE. A conservative doesn’t say cash bail is racist and he registers as a Republican.

They abandoned ship, sir

So instead of telling the public who his cheerleaders are like every other candidate does, he instead boasts his fundraising cash boom to influence voters without telling them where the money came from. In his first go-round, Villanueva proudly boasted the support of liberal unions, liberal politicians, liberal immigrant rights groups, liberal this, liberal that. Where are they now? Gone! Gone with the whiskey in evidence.

Destined to fail

This is not a question of right and wrong, left or right. Our country is divided enough and diversity is a strength, not something to be vilified and divided. The point is to identify the danger of another four years to both Democrats and Republicans.

If Villanueva is reelected with conservative money in a county where 75 percent votes blue, he can’t possibly lead his department to prosperity. He is despised by the majority establishment that helped put him in power and the conservative minority has such a small political voice, they lack county-wide influence. Villanueva’s hail Mary is to win with conservative money or die trying.

Making sense of it all

So are we making the case that liberals in LA County should change their minds about Villanueva? Absolutely not nor are we saying he has a place with conservative voters. We submit to you that Villanueva’s record and behavior indicate a very ungrounded individual who is weak in character and totally lacking in leadership. He is a man without a county.

What we need is a sheriff that will have the respect and following of all his constituents and from the members of his department. What we don’t need is a sheriff who switches course in his own self-interest because the wind changed direction. What we need is a sheriff who is respected by both sides and doesn’t play identity politics. Speaking of identity politics, we haven’t forgotten about you, Cecil.

Final thought

You don’t have to like someone to respect them but without respect, there is little initiative to compromise or collaborate. Villanueva is like an arrogant neighbor who lets his dog dig up your front yard and then calls the HOA to complain your grass is dead.